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B&CE responds to FCA’s retirement income market study

We have  responded to the FCA’s consultation following its Retirement Income Market Study interim report, supporting the FCA’s proposal for a … Read More

Patrick Heath-Lay discusses defaults at retirement

Patrick said that whilst schemes would need to ask people what they want to do, they would also have to pick a centralised route with an element of risk removed.

Darren Philp raises questions over contribution rates

Darren said “even after auto-enrolment minimum contributions reach 8 per cent, it will not be enough for some people”

Darren Philp comments on pot follows member

Darren said “An automatic transfer without the automatic element
seems to be a half-baked idea”

Darren Philp makes the case for a pensions register

The People’s Pension, has called for a pensions register in response to
a new Pensions Policy Institute report