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Simply meeting people’s financial needs
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  • We're about simply meeting people's needs
  • The money we make benefits our members
  • Our Charitable Trust helps construction workers and their families

Putting our members first

We were not-for-profit on day one back in 1942 and we’re not-for-profit now. It’s as simple as that.

Because we’ve always been not-for-profit, our focus has always been on our members and their dependants. We use the money we make to benefit them.

Creating simple financial products

We work for people, not profit.

We do this by:
creating and providing simple, cost-effective financial products to meet people’s needs
maintaining strong governance which puts members’ interests at the heart of our decision making
investing in our people
building industry-leading administration systems
making it easy for employers and their advisers to do business with us.

Working in partnership with the construction industry

Our company was formed through collaboration with the Employer Federations and Trade Unions, representing employees and employers within the construction industry.

Together with the experience and skills gathered from those working in the financial services industry, as well as a constant drive to deliver value to members, our structure provides the foundation required to deliver exceptional benefits to our members.

The Charitable Trust

To help our members more, we launched the Charitable Trust in 1991. Its aim was to benefit workers in the construction industry, and their families, to help alleviate individual financial strain and hardship.

So far it’s paid out over £3m to construction industry workers in need. We have plans to expand it, so we can help even more construction workers.

Read about how we help people in need with our Charitable Trust »

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