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Simply meeting people’s financial needs
You may be concerned about reports of market turbulence as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and how this might affect the value of your pension savings. Find out more

Our history


  • We've been around since 1942
  • We've been providing simple financial products for over 70 years
  • We're not-for-profit - always have been, always will be

It started with a stamp

B&CE began by creating simple financial products to meet people’s needs. That’s how we’ve run our business ever since.

In 1942, unions and employer federations created us because construction workers – who tended to move jobs frequently – needed a way to build up holiday pay. We launched a scheme that was simple but effective for workers, and hassle-free for employers.

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We’ve grown by responding to people’s needs

Every week a construction worker would buy a stamp to stick on a card. Then they’d cash in the card to give themselves money to live on when they took a holiday. This was not too far from the idea of a pension. And so began the B&CE story.

Over time, construction workers needed more than just a holiday pay scheme. So we created more financial products and grew our membership – always making sure people got the product they needed. When the construction industry needed a workplace pension, we created one.

And when we saw that working people in other sectors also needed a high quality workplace pension, we knew exactly what to do: we created The People’s Pension.

A rich heritage

With a wealth of experience behind us, we’re now looking for more ways to meet the needs of working people in construction and other sectors, with simple, good value products and benefits.

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