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The history of B&CE

Scroll through our history timeline to see how B&CE has changed over the decades.


On 28 October 1942 B&CE was established.
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By 1951 over one million operatives were benefiting from holiday pay through B&CE’s scheme.
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In 1963 B&CE moved again to offices in Manor Royal, Crawley – a new £750,000 purpose-built office building, hailed as a ‘gleaming palace’.
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In the 1970s B&CE embraced the new age of technology and took delivery of their first computer.
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The 1980s saw the introduction of several new initiatives.
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In 1991 B&CE announced the launch of its Foundation Personal Pension.
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In 2001 the government introduced measures to ensure that people in work had access to simple, affordable, flexible pension schemes.
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In 2011, B&CE launched The People’s Pension – a simple cost-effective auto-enrolment scheme – designed for companies large and small from all business sectors.
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You can also watch our timeline video and read about our history.