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We have responded to the government’s consultation on the auto-enrolment earnings thresholds, by calling for a full review of how the thresholds are set in future years.

Until now, the earnings trigger (the amount at which an employee is eligible to be auto-enrolled) has been linked to the income tax threshold. But as the personal allowance has increased, many low paid earners have been left out of auto-enrolment. The government has now consulted on breaking the link between the auto-enrolment earnings trigger and income tax thresholds.

On the question of the earnings trigger for 2015/16, we support a simple solution such as keeping the trigger at its current level of £10,000.

In future years, however, there is clearly a need for a longer term basis for the trigger, such as the minimum savings needed for a low earner to secure an adequate retirement income. We believe that an independent body should review the trigger each year and recommend the level to the government.

Read our response to the consultation: Automatic enrolment earnings thresholds review and revision 2015/2016