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Our recruitment process

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Bringing out the best in you

You've found a role for you. Time to find out about the B&CE recruitment process.

A two-way process

We’re looking for people who share our values of Creating Simplicity, Showing Compassion and Keeping Promises.

We want to bring out the best in you. Interviews with us are a two-way process. We'll give you the opportunity to demonstrate you're right for the role and we want you to find out more about us too.

How we interview

We use a combination of styles:

Biographical interview

We'll discuss your CV and employment history. You'll have the opportunity to tell us more about what you’ve done and highlight your achievements.

Competency-based interview

We'll ask you questions that help us identify whether you have the skills and competencies we need for the you're applying for.

Answering a competency-based question

Situation / Task / Action / Results = STAR

  • Describe the Situation or background to your example
  • Explain the Task or activity
  • Outline the Action
  • Summarise the Results
Preparing for a competency-based interview
  • List all the competencies for the role
  • Search your CV for examples of each competency. These might come from your work experience, home life, social life, or if you’re a recent graduate, your experiences in education
  • For each example, write a bullet point for each of the STAR headings above
  • Practice your answers

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