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Building a good occupational health scheme starts with the right foundations. So we’ve created a proposed framework as a blueprint to get the need for consistency in occupational health across the construction industry.

To inform our framework, we wanted to make sure we understand what the industry needs from an occupational health scheme.

So we engaged with the industry, as well as occupational health service providers.

We held:

  • forums and in-depth interviews with larger employers and industry representatives
  • online surveys with employers
  • meetings with occupational health service providers.

What contractors told us

84% agree more needs to be done to implement occupational health in the industry.

81% agree health assessments should be based on risk rather than role.

46% of larger contractors agree there are too many duplicate health checks by multiple employers.

85% agree there’s a need for industry-wide data to be analysed to spot health trends in the industry.

Our blueprint for a consistent occupational health framework

1  Good outcomes:

  • Portable ‘need to know’ health record – owned by the worker.

2  Efficiency:

  • Cost-effective solution removing duplicated health checks and admin.

3  Consistency:

  • Evidence-based standard related to risk rather than job roles.

4  Understanding and clarity:

  • Raise occupational health awareness and manage risks with simple, straightforward education, advice and best practice.

For more on what the construction industry needs from an occupational health scheme, take a look at our research findings:

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