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Simply meeting people’s financial needs
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Meeting people's needs

We’re for people, not profit – we stay focused on people’s needs.

How does B&CE help people? At B&CE we’re all about creating simple financial products that meet people’s needs. Our roots are in construction so in 1991 we set up our Charitable Trust to help construction workers in need – it’s paid out over £3.5m so far. We find ways to have a positive impact on our environment and local community too. All this starts with our people – which is why recognising and rewarding them is so important to us.

Three simple values

We’re guided by three values that are all about simply meeting people’s needs.

  • Creating Simplicity
  • Showing Compassion
  • Keeping Promises

We put the needs of our members at the heart of our business. And because we’re not-for-profit we use the money we make to benefit them.
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Our people, our strength

We recognise that attracting (and holding on to) brilliant people helps us add value in our industry, local community and in the wider society. We do this by:

  • recognising and rewarding our people in a clear and visible way
  • supporting them to develop a fulfilling career
  • letting them know we care about them and their future
  • asking what they think and how they feel about working at B&CE
  • trusting them to deliver high quality products and services
  • helping them make a difference every day.

How we make a difference in our local environment and community »

How we communicate

We care about how our people feel. Each year we run an employee survey. We share the results with them and their views help shape what we do in the future. 

Through the year we have regular one-to-ones and team meetings. Our face to face company briefings, interactive events and a dedicated ‘ask the CEO’ mailbox also help us understand how our people feel.

Learning & development

We make sure our people have opportunities to learn and develop and that they have the right product and industry training.
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B&CE is an equal opportunities employer. We believe everyone has the right to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect. We’re committed to treating all our people (and all who apply for a role at B&CE) equally.

The Charitable Trust

In 1991 – to help our members more – we launched the B&CE Charitable Trust. Its aim was to benefit workers in the construction industry, and their families, to help alleviate individual financial strain and hardship. So far it’s paid out over £3m to construction workers in need.
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Other charitable activity

We lend a helping hand to local charities – including our charity of the year. We support local community projects too – we’ve so far invested over 800 hours in a Crawters Brook,  a park near B&CE HQ.
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