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Simply meeting people’s financial needs
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Giving back

to construction

About the Charitable Trust

B&CE’s Charitable Trust was set up in 1991 to give back to the construction industry. We’ve helped 1000s of people and funded research into occupation health and safety in the construction industry. We aim to provide:

  • Help for individuals in times of need – this could be financial or emotional support, information, guidance and advice, or grants for training and retraining.
  • Corporate support – this includes corporate grants for education and training as well as grants for health & safety, such as our Mowlem Award and our Occupational Health Research Award.

30th Anniversary of B&CE Charitable Trust

In October 2021, B&CE’s Charitable Trust turned 30. The Trust is there to give back to construction. And we do this by focusing on the needs of workers – past, present and future – to help make a better life possible for people in the construction industry.

Who we partner with

Our Charitable Trust works with like-minded organisations to support individuals and to raise awareness of a range of issues in the construction industry. Find out who we partner with.

Our trustees

Our B&CE Charitable Trust team is supported by a board of Trustees, many of whom have years of construction industry experience. It gives the Trust a unique perspective of where to focus their efforts and how to achieve the greatest impact possible. Meet the Trustees of our B&CE Charitable Trust.