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Mowlem Award application checklist

Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to have ready for when you apply for the Mowlem Award 2021. The application will not auto-save as you go, so make sure you have everything to hand as you’ll need to complete the application in one go.

Applications for the award must come from UK-based non-government training organisations.

Your project must also fulfil the following criteria:

  • make a significant difference to the construction industry
  • benefit a minimum of 50 individuals within the year
  • provide a recognised construction industry accreditation
  • offer training that’s linked to an employer or placement to gain hands-on experience and the ability to find future employment.

We’ll ask you to tell us:

  • How many individuals the project will support.
  • If your organisation is a UK non-government business.
  • If the training is accredited, and if so, who by.
  • In 100 words how your organisation has or will make a significant difference to the construction industry.
  • If the training project is linked to an employer or placement.
  • That you’re able to regularly update B&CE over the duration of the 12 month project?

Information you’ll need to provide

  1. Your organisation’s details. The organisation’s name, address, website, and the charity or company number (if you have one).
  2. Your details. Your name, email address and phone number, your job title, and how you heard about the award.
  3. Objectives. Firstly, tell us about the aims and objectives of your organisation. Next, tell us about the project you’re applying for the Mowlem Award for – how will the grant be used and what are the expected outcomes?
  4. Breakdown of activities. Tell us each of the activities the grant will be used for eg
    Activity: H&S L1 training
    Number of participants: 10
    Number of sessions: 1 day
    Number of groups / cohorts: 2
  5. Impact and opportunity
    How will you measure and evaluate success of the project?
    What publicity opportunities will your project generate for the B&CE Charitable Trust?
  6. Budget. Provide budget details for each resource relating to the grant, including resource, cost per unit or person, number of units and total cost, eg
    Resource: Learning materials
    Cost per unit/person: £15
    Number of units: 10
    Total cost: £150
    Next, tell us if the project will receive funding for any other organisation including your own.
  7. Declaration. Make sure you’re authorised to read and agree to our terms and conditions, to complete your application.

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