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What a great way to meet in person with the advisers and payroll professionals that are all connected in some way with The People’s Pension – we’ve now put some faces to names!

It’s been a busy old year (hasn’t it just) and 2016 is looking like it’s going to be even busier! Never fear though, The People’s Pension is here…

…we talked through how we’re going to help you – we covered off re-enrolment (the elephant in the room for larger employers), our new pension solutions for small businesses (think alien) and our new investment approach in response to the changing needs of our members.

What we’ve learned

Advisers and payroll bureaux understand the needs of smaller employers (but we knew that already) and they’re key to the success of automatic enrolment (we knew that too).

“That’s why we were so chuffed to be told that our online services are easy to use and that we help resolve issues. Our local support teams also received lots of praise for the support they give larger more complex employers.”

We take real pride in what we do here at The People’s Pension. Maintaining our high standards isn’t always enough – we’re always looking for ways to do better. And we know that there’s still work to do…

2016 is looking like an exciting year – there’s lots in the pipeline. For one we’ve got our new investment and ‘at retirement’ approach. We spoke about this at the roadshows but we hope to share more in due course and will hopefully chat to advisers, payroll professionals and employers about this at some of our events next year too.

Meet, greet and share

We spoke with advisers and payroll professionals on many a topic – one thing that kept coming up is the need for access to our online systems and phone support outside the standard 9-5. From January our systems and call centre will be available for longer – new employers (like our members) will also be able to call us on Sundays.

There was also a real call for payroll automation so employee data can be submitted directly from payroll software to The People’s Pension (or another pension provider) at the click of a button. Good news – we’ll be launching this in the New Year so watch this space!

My key takeaway from these events is the ‘good will’ amongst advisers and employers towards The People’s Pension. And that our new approach and charging structure for the smaller employers staging from this point was so well received.

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what attendees thought:

Roadshow vox pop: What an adviser said about The People’s Pension »

On the road again

Overall, advisers really liked the way we ran the roadshows – that’s clear from the feedback they gave. There is some room for improvement though and we’ll use the feedback we got to improve future events.

Here’s a little taster of what advisers told us:


Top 5 Q&A

We received lots of questions at the events – here are the top five most popular questions, complete with our answers.

Read our Top 5 adviser questions (pdf) »

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