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Simply meeting people’s financial needs

Coronavirus support

Why take ELC with us

  • Friendly customer service – we put members first
  • Low weekly cost
  • Endorsed by the Construction Industry Joint Council (CIJC)

How we’re helping our Employee Accident Cover and Employee Life Cover (EAC/ELC) customers

Times are especially tough at the moment. So, we’ve been reviewing our support for EAC/ELC customers who are struggling financially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Does your EAC/ELC cover still meet your employees’ needs?

Coronavirus has impacted our lives in many ways. So, if you have staff that are furloughed or working from home during the pandemic, it’s important you check that the EAC cover you have in place for them still meets their needs.

We wouldn’t want you to pay for cover that your employees can’t access due to your (and their) change in circumstances.

How to change your cover to ELC only

Go to your Online Services account and amend an individual’s cover to ELC only on your latest payment schedule.

If you don’t have an Online Services account, you can complete the ‘Changing your level of ELC’ form. Once you’ve completed this form, please email it to

Why we’re providing this support

We know that people are facing financial difficulty as a result of coronavirus. And if times are tough for our EAC/ELC customers, we want to be able to help them as much as we can.

B&CE has grown over the years by responding to people’s needs and we know that our customers may need support due to coronavirus. We’re also guided by our 3 values which are Creating Simplicity, Showing Compassion and Keeping Promises. Find out more about our history and how we meet people’s needs.

The support we’re offering follows guidance from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which has set out measures to help customers with insurance and financial products who face financial difficulty because of coronavirus.

In light of the FCA’s guidance we’re aiming to help customers, where possible, to

  • Reduce the impact of financial distress
  • Ensure that customers continue to have insurance and products that meet their demands and needs

We’ve come up with some ways to provide support

Deferred payment plans

Our EAC/ELC employer customers may be able to defer their EAC/ELC payments for 3 months.

Payment plans

Our payment plan gives our EAC/ELC employer customers who’ve fallen behind with their EAC/ELC payments the option to settle their outstanding balance in monthly instalments.

In either case

Useful links to help our customers get back on track

Get in touch to find out more

If you’re an EAC/ELC employer customer and would like to find out more about how we could support you if you’re in financial difficulty as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, please call our team at 0333 230 1398 or email us at