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Darren Philp: Pension Wise critical in tackling pension scams

Darren Philp, Director of Policy and Market Engagement at The People’s Pension, has discussed the role of Pension Wise in … Read More

The People’s Pension reacts to Select Committee report

The People’s Pension has supported the main findings of a report into workplace pensions reform by the Work and Pensions … Read More

The People’s Pension reacts to The Pensions Regulator’s signposting U-turn

The Pensions Regulator has announced that it will not be providing employers with a list of pension schemes online to … Read More

The People’s Pension responds to the government on pension charges

We would like the Government to mandate a single charging structure
for pensions so that charges are genuinely comparable across different products.

B&CE supports FCA’s proposed Pensions Dashboard

We welcome the findings of the consultation, especially the proposal
for a Pensions Dashboard which we believe is a much-needed
innovation in the pensions market.

Patrick Heath-Lay discusses defaults at retirement

Patrick said that whilst schemes would need to ask people what they want to do, they would also have to pick a centralised route with an element of risk removed.

Darren Philp raises questions over contribution rates

Darren said “even after auto-enrolment minimum contributions reach 8 per cent, it will not be enough for some people”

Darren Philp comments on pot follows member

Darren said “An automatic transfer without the automatic element
seems to be a half-baked idea”

Darren Philp makes the case for a pensions register

The People’s Pension, has called for a pensions register in response to
a new Pensions Policy Institute report

The People’s Pension calls for fundamental change in pensions charging

In response to the damning IPB report into legacy pension schemes we have again called for the full standardisation of charges.