What is our framework?

Our framework is a rolling 3-year plan to make it easier for employers to comply with health and safety legislation, which will, in turn, improve the health of construction workers.

It’s based on evidence from the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), research and best practice, and it will underpin our occupational health scheme.

Why have we created our framework?

There are currently many different approaches to managing occupational health in construction, and most are based on role. This means it’s difficult for employers to remain compliant and it puts workers at risk of ill health. Read more about why occupational health is so important

The industry told us that they want:

  • A consistent approach across the industry which makes it more efficient to manage occupational health and leads to better outcomes for their workers.
  • An effective way to spot the signs and symptoms of ill health at an early stage to prevent future health issues with their workers.
  • A clear and easy way to comply – with clarity and guidance on what health tests to carry out, based on risks and hazards rather than job role.

Take a look at our research findings

What will our framework do?

Our framework will:

  • Support a more unified approach to occupational health in construction.
  • Enable the identification of any required health surveillance for workers so that any ill health effects on workers are detected as early as possible
  • Replace the current system based on role and provide a consistent way for employers to implement health surveillance.
  • Make it easier for employers to remain compliant and put workers health first.

Implementing the risk-based framework will enable employers to track and detect work-related changes, such as loss of hearing or indicators of breathing difficulties, over time. This will drive a more consistent approach to health surveillance across the construction industry.