Health-at-work management scheme

We’re developing a simple, cost-effective, digital end-to-end solution for managing occupational health in construction.

This will mean that employers will be able to comply with legislation and manage their workers’ health-at-work more easily. So work-related ill health effects can be detected earlier.

For the first time, workers will have a better oversight of their work-related health during their working lives. They’ll be able to access an overview of their health from their mobile phone. So they’ll be able to carry their records with them from site to site and job to job – giving a consistent approach to managing health-at-work.

Watch our animation to find out more about how our occupational health management scheme will work.

What will the new model cost?

We’ve always been not-for-profit, and we’re guided by our values of Creating Simplicity, Keeping Promises and Showing Compassion. Our goal is to offer a scheme that provides value for money, is efficient and helps employers to become better purchasers of occupational health. We will announce further details on costs in due course.

Keeping workers’ health data secure

We have a long track record of working with secure data, through B&CE’s work on The People’s Pension and other financial services products. Under our health-at-work management scheme, the employer will only have access to the information they need to see to comply with their obligations under legislation – they’ll not be able to see details of an individual’s health data.

Different users of the scheme (employers, individual members, occupational health service providers) will have varying permissions as to the data they may access. Most importantly, it will be the individual concerned who owns their complete record.

It’ll be underpinned by our framework

The construction industry told us that a role-based approach is very confusing and means that workers’ medicals are unnecessarily repeated.

So, we put together a proposal for a risk-based approach to underpin our scheme – we’ve called it our occupational health surveillance framework (framework for short). In 2017, it was circulated to representatives from the construction industry, and in 2018 we collated the feedback. We’re pleased that the construction industry feels the same way we do and have agreed that things need to change.

The 3 key themes they said they wanted our scheme to provide was:

  • a consistent approach across the industry which makes it more efficient to manage occupational health and leads to better outcomes for their workers
  • an effective way to spot the signs and symptoms of ill health at an early stage to prevent future health issues with their workers
  • a clear and easy way to comply – with clarity and guidance on what health tests to carry out, based on risks and hazards rather than job role

Our framework is a rolling 3-year plan to make it easier for employers to comply with health and safety legislation, which will, in turn, improve the health of construction workers.

What will our framework do?

Our framework will:

  • support a more unified approach to occupational health in construction.
  • enable the identification of any required health surveillance for workers so that any ill health effects on workers are detected as early as possible.
  • replace the current system based on role and provide a consistent way for employers to implement health surveillance.
  • make it easier for employers to remain compliant and put workers health first.

Implementing the risk-based framework will enable employers to track and detect work-related changes, such as loss of hearing or indicators of breathing difficulties, over time. This will drive a more consistent approach to health surveillance across the construction industry.

What will happen to the current CBH scheme?

We’re still operating the CBH scheme while we build our new occupational health scheme. We’ve made some operational improvements to give you the best service and value for money we can.

The aims and principles of CBH were right, but it didn’t achieve what the industry required. We also recognise that the fee structure wasn’t representing good value for money. We believe that offering a price reduction as we develop our new occupational health scheme is the right thing to do – and it’s in line with our values. Existing contractor members will be eligible for the reduced rate at their next renewal.

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