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All your choices at retirement

You could be retired for 20 years or more, so managing your money effectively during that time is really important.

Take a look through your choices at retirement.

In this section...

How will you take your pension savings? »
Quick case studies: A snapshot of how the new pension rules and flexibility could work for you

All your options at retirement »
You can access your pension pot in a way that suits your retirement plan

Mix and match your options »
You can choose a combination of options to suit what you want to do with your retirement

Paying tax on your pension »
You can take 25% of your pension pot as a tax-free lump sum

What's best for you? »
Pension Wise: free and impartial guidance on how to take your pension savings

Your guidance and advice options »
We’ve teamed up with LV= to provide you with additional retirement and guidance options