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Approaching your retirement

To get the most from your pension when you retire – now more than ever – it pays to think ahead. Planning your retirement is one of life’s big decisions, so don’t put it off!

Take a look through the things you need to consider as you approach retirement.

In this section...

When can you take your money? »
Find out when your State Pension and your employer/personal pensions are available to you

When and how do you want to retire? »
You can access your pension savings from age 55 (or 57 from 2028), but leaving your pension to grow until you’re older may mean you’re better off in the future

How much will you need to live on? »
We help you work out how much income you’ll need to pay for the retirement you want

Will you have enough retirement income? »
Add up your total income from personal and employer pensions, the State Pension and any savings you have

Other ways to boost your retirement income »
How to generate extra income before you retire