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Taking your pension with EasyBuild

Your pension savings don’t automatically turn into a regular income or get sent to you as a lump sum. You need to tell us how you want to take them.

Take a look at how you can take your pension with us.

In this section…

EU referendum »
A note of reassurance for members following the EU referendum vote and how it might affect pension savings.

Our investment funds »
Each fund has a different level of risk and you can decide how much of your money you want to put in each fund.

Our investment profiles »
You can invest your money in one of our 3 investment profiles – cautious, balanced or adventurous. We automatically invest your money in the balanced investment profile (we also call this our default investment profile), unless you tell us otherwise.

Your options with EasyBuild »
Pensions can be confusing, particularly as each pension provider offers different options. Here’s what we can offer.

Get ready to take your money »
Make sure you understand all your choices at retirement. Our countdown checklist will help you get organised to take your money.

Guidance from Pension Wise »
Pension Wise is a new government service that will offer people approaching retirement free impartial guidance about their choices.