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Investing your pension

When you save for the long term, like you do with your pension, we invest your money as this gives it a better chance of being worth more in the long run. Investing simply means that rather than putting it into a bank account, your money buys investments, like stocks and shares.

Our funds

We package groups of investments into what are known as funds. Each fund gives you a choice for how you may want to invest.

New pension rules mean you can access your pension savings from age 55 onwards (or 57 from 2028) in a way that suits you, and we've seen that you're making new choices as a result. So, from 5 September the way we invest your pension savings will be more suited to the choices you're making.

This fund provides diversified exposure to UK and overseas equity markets, investing 50% in the UK stock market and 50% in overseas stock markets.

Global Investments (up to 100% shares) Fund (high risk)

This fund combines the long-term growth potential of UK and Global Equity with the relative security provided by Gilts, Corporate Bonds and Cash.

Global Investments (up to 85% shares) Fund (high/medium risk)  

This fund invests in a combination of shares and bonds. It aims to produce moderate growth over the long term.

Global Investments (up to 60% shares) Fund (medium)

This fund is for those who are thinking of buying a regular retirement income, usually for life (an annuity), with their pension savings when they retire. And want to protect against any falls in level annuity rates. This fund is available from 5 September 2016.

 Annuity Fund (medium/low risk)

This fund is for members who have not yet decided what they want to do with their pension savings at retirement by providing a balance between capital growth and capital preservation.  


Pre-Retirement Fund (medium/low risk)   Pre-Retirement Fund (medium/low risk)
Current Pre-Retirement Fund    Pre-Retirement Fund
    Available from 5 September 2016

This fund is used to maintain the value of members’ pension savings. This could mean the value of their pension savings may not keep pace with inflation over a longer period.

Cash Fund (low risk) 

More reading…

Our fund fact sheets set out the aims and objectives of our funds in more detail.
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Need to know

The money you save is invested in funds that are typically a mixture of shares from around the world and bonds and gilts. The exact make-up of your investment depends on the profile or fund you are in and may depend on your age.

The value of investment funds will move up and down depending on how well they’re performing. Different types of investments move up and down in value in different ways. Some move sharply and can be unpredictable, others move less abruptly and remain relatively stable. This movement is called volatility and some investments are more volatile than others.

Investment profiles

An investment profile brings together a group of investments. Each profile has a different level of risk. We automatically invest your pension savings in the balanced investment profile unless you tell us otherwise (that's if you're on our 15-year glidepath – more on this below).

You can always change your mind in the future and choose a different profile or, for those with more confidence in investing, self-select your funds – you can do this in your Online Account.

You can also review and change your selected retirement age in your Online Account. It's important you know that doing this could affect where your pension savings are invested by moving them back or forward on the glidepath and into higher or lower risk funds.

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Choose your investment profile

If you think:


Take a look at:

I want to protect my pension pot from short-term changes in value and prefer to see its value remain relatively stable.


Cautious investment profile 

I’m willing to accept some short-term changes in the value of my pension pot in exchange for the chance of greater increases over the long term.


Balanced investment profile 

I know there will be short to medium-term changes in the value of my pension pot, but I’m willing to accept this in exchange for the possibility of above average increases over the long term.


Adventurous investment profile 

Choose your funds yourself

If you’d rather choose for yourself the funds your pension savings are invested in, you can – we call this self-select. To do this simply go to your Online Account and self-select your preferred fund.

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Need to know

Investment risk and investment return tend to be linked. Usually the higher the potential investment return, the greater the investment risks. 

Remember also, the past performance of investments doesn’t guarantee or act as a guide to future performance.

Your pension savings as you approach retirement

We have a neat way of safeguarding your pension savings as you get closer to retirement.

It’s a gradual and automatic process called a ‘glidepath’ and here’s how it works. Each of the investment profiles gradually and automatically moves your pension savings into more secure investments as you get closer to retirement. This means they are less likely to suffer a large fall in value just when you want to use them.

Your glidepath

  • The glidepath normally begins 15 years before your selected retirement age. So, if you plan to retire at 65, we’ll start switching your investments when you’re 50.
  • If your EasyBuild pension started before 6 April 2005, your pension savings will be on a 4-year glidepath (unless you told us otherwise).
  • If your EasyBuild pension started from 6 April 2005 to 31 January 2011, your pension savings will be on a 5-year glidepath (unless you told us otherwise).

Important: The glidepath should result in a more predictable return, but could also mean that your fund grows less.

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