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Your guidance and advice options

Choosing what to do with your pension savings is a big decision and it’s often possible to get more for your money by shopping around. You may need some more help – either in the form of guidance or professional advice.

What's the difference between guidance and advice?

Do you want general guidance on the options available and the next steps you could take? If yes, make Pension Wise your first port of call.

Guidance will explain the basics about retirement and pensions and it will set out your options. It won’t recommend what’s best for you.

Pension Wise

Pension Wise is a free and impartial government service to help you with your pension options. It provides guidance on defined contribution (money purchase) pension pots only.

It’s called a ‘guidance’ service because it won’t recommend any products or tell you what to do with your money. It will only tell you your options and what you can do next.

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Do you want a detailed recommendation of the best option to suit your individual circumstances? If yes, perhaps consider getting professional financial advice.

Maybe you’ve done your own research, but you still have some unanswered questions. Or maybe you’ve realised your pension pot is worth more than you thought and you think a financial adviser could help you make the right decision.

And, of course, there are the tax implications to consider. Expert financial advice can help make clear how much tax you’ll pay when accessing your pension pot.

Types of advice

Independent advice is completely unbiased and covers the whole range of financial products from all the different companies available.

Restricted advice is provided on a limited range of products specialising in one area, for example pensions, or on products offered by a limited number of companies.

Simplified advice is a streamlined advice process, limited to one or more of a customer's specific needs.

What should I do now?

  1. Take a look around the Your retirement pages if you want to read more about retirement planning – such as the option to take a flexible lump sum if you have over £10,000 in your pension pot
  2. When you’re ready, get free impartial guidance from Pension Wise
  3. Discuss your options with your own financial adviser who can recommend what’s best for you
  4. Find a professional financial adviser specialising in retirement planning at Unbiased or Money Advice Service

Need some more guidance or advice?

We’ve teamed up with retirement specialist LV= to provide you with the option of additional guidance or advice.

As a member of EasyBuild, you can use the LV=Retirement Wizard retirement income calculator to give you a quick overview of your options. Plus, you can get a free copy of your detailed Retirement Options Guide emailed to you.

If you’re considering financial advice, the LV=Retirement Wizard advice service might be for you.

LV= can help...

You need to make sure this kind of information is right for you.

Please read all of the information on this page and confirm that you’re a member of EasyBuild:

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