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You may be concerned about reports of market turbulence as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and how this might affect the value of your pension savings. Find out more

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General public understanding of tax relief »

Pension savers benefit from tax relief on their contributions – but do they realise it? We wanted to find...

General public awareness of pension charges »

Do people know how much they’re being charged by their pension providers? Do they even realise they’re being charged?...

Transitions to Retirement: how might the UK pensions landscape evolve to support more flexible retirements? »

The ‘Transitions to Retirement’ research is a series of reports by the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI). The People’s Pension...

General public attitudes towards a Pension Dashboard »

There have been calls (including from our own Director of Policy and Market Engagement, Darren Philp), for a ‘Pension...