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We are pleased to announce further improvements to Employee Accident Cover (EAC) from B&CE. At no extra cost to you!

From 7 January 2013 the  schedule of accident cover entitlements will be increased.

Key facts about Employee Accident Cover

  • No underwriting and Day 1 cover – your employees are covered as soon as they join the scheme
  • Union supported and endorsed by CIJC
  • All employees 16 and over can be covered
  • No upper age limit
  • Low cost
  • Easy to set up
  • Quick turnaround time for claims
  • For Construction & Allied Trades

As a not-for-profit company which is run in the interests of its members, increasing benefits without increasing costs is what we aim to do. And because we are set up for the benefit of our members, we try to find a reason to pay a claim, not reject it.

In 2011 we paid out EAC/ELC claims totalling over £5million. Together with Employee Life Cover this benefit provides important financial protection that is really valued by your employees.  

Qualifying claims Cover
Loss of sight in both eyes £25,000
Loss of sight in one eye £10,000
Loss of hearing in one ear £3,000
Loss of hearing in both ears £10,000
Loss of hand or foot £25,000
Loss of arm or leg £25,000
Loss of big toe £1,300
Loss of any other toe £600
Loss of thumb £4,000
Loss of index finger £4,000
Loss of any other finger £800
Total disablement  
– lasting no less than 12 months or over £3,000
– lasting no less than 24 months or over £3,000
– that is permanent £15,000
Maximum benefit payable £25,000