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When I was a child, I loved Lego. The truth is, as a dad of two, I still do.

I was fascinated by the brightly coloured blocks, and how they fitted together to create something far more fantastic than the sum of their parts. My parents were less fascinated, if the howls of pain when they stepped on a red 4×2 brick were anything to go by. But still, the results when a project was finished made it all worthwhile. That’s how it should be with auto-enrolment.

Over the nearly three quarters of a century we’ve been in business, thousands of building blocks in the form of small construction employers have become part of a larger model. As small employers start to stage in January, they too will become part of something bigger than themselves.

For some small employers, auto-enrolment will be like trying to build a Lego model of the Millennium Falcon. They’ll need instructions. They’ll need their dad (as my kids do) or an older brother or sister to help them put all the pieces together. And they’ll need someone to help them put it all back together again when it all falls apart.

If you’re building a Lego model you can largely get by with a little help from your friends (even if the pieces don’t always end up in the right place).The thing is, with auto-enrolment, getting all the pieces in the right place is really important.

There’s no doubt that for intermediaries like accountants and bookkeepers, and for pension providers, serving the small employer market will present a considerable economic challenge. Offering personalised support is the right thing to do, but it requires creative solutions to make it work.

Small employers need to feel like, all in all, they’re not just another brick in the wall. That’s where experienced schemes which offer a high level of support, like The People’s Pension, come in. With the right level of support, small employers will construct something magical for savers.