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Simply meeting people’s financial needs
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Environment and community

How we add value

At B&CE we’re all about creating simple solutions that meet people’s needs, and make a better life for those in the local community. We aim to achieve this with our employee charity events, volunteering programmes and sponsorship.

Our charity work

Throughout the year we give our time and money to help local charity or community projects. We strive to have a positive impact in our local community and on society. Here are some of the things we’ve done:

Charity of the year

At the start of each financial year, B&CE employees select a charity that we want to sponsor for the next 12 months. We then work closely with that chosen charity and organise internal events such as cake sales, quiz nights and raffles to help raise money for them. Here’s who we’ve supported over the last few years:

Holbrook animal rescue

For 2019 B&CE’s chosen charity of the year is Holbrook animal rescue. It’s a family run, non-profit making organisation based in Horsham. We recently held a charity quiz where, on the night, 17 teams battled through a grueling quiz packed with questions spanning topics like history, food, popular culture and science. We raised a huge £682.85! We still have a lot fund raising plans for this year.

Community work


Each year, B&CE seek out local volunteering opportunities and form a volunteering programme to support the local community. Employees can take 2 days paid leave for volunteering within the local community.

So far we’ve supported:

  • The People’s Park
  • Golden Lion Children’s Trust
  • Be the change
  • Dementia Action Week