B&CE welcomes new standard on Occupational Health and Safety

Responding to the publication of ISO 45001, the first International Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard, Margaret Grahamslaw, Head of Occupational Health at B&CE said:

“This new Standard is good news for both employers and workers.  Its implementation will encourage employers to treat occupational health and safety as an investment rather than a regulatory burden.  It will also give workers a clearer understanding of the health risks to which they may be exposed, provide workers with greater ownership of the compliance process, and encourage employers to take a more consultative approach with their workforce.

“Here at B&CE, we’re working to develop an occupational health management scheme for the construction industry.  One of the benefits of our scheme will be that workers will hold their own digital health record for the first time – further supporting workers’ involvement in the decision-making process.  

“Publication of this new Standard is a welcome step in the journey to getting health taken as seriously as safety in the workplace.”


For more information on B&CE’s proposed occupational health scheme for the construction industry, contact Samantha Wilding, Communications and Public Affairs Manager 01293 766674 or samanthawilding@bandce.co.uk