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We’ve come out top for the support we offer our customers in a recent survey by Pension PlayPen. So what’s our secret? We caught up with our Operational Support Manager – find out what she told us.

In November 2015 The People’s Pension launched its complete pension solution for small businesses. We’re open to all so it was a natural step for us.

It might be early days but our solution is going down well – our high levels of service and support are coming out on top, even compared to other providers. That’s according to Pension Playpen’s report ‘Measures of support’ – the result of nearly six months research into how employers and intermediaries see the workplace pensions they are using to enrol their employees.

In the thick of it is Helen Allison, Operational Support Manager, at The People’s Pension. So we asked her a few questions. Here’s what she told us…

What sets The People’s Pension apart from the crowd?

Quite a few things really… and they all point towards excellent customer service.

Our values are at the heart of everything we do and we demonstrate them every day. And it’s our passion for Creating Simplicity, Showing Compassion and Keeping Promises that helps us to meet the needs of our customers.

Our experience speaks for itself. We’re backed by B&CE, an organisation with over 70 years’ providing simple financial products and over 30 years in workplace pensions.

We’ve also got a long history of providing excellent customer service but it’s not just our customers that like what we do, we’ve won product and industry awards too.

And last but not least, we’re for people, not profit which means we use the money we make to benefit our members.

How do we help smaller businesses that have limited experience of pensions?

For too long pensions have been made too complicated. We make things simple for our customers and we’re committed to helping them understand financial products so they can make better decisions (we’re a corporate member of the Plain Language Commission).

We created our complete pension solution specifically for small businesses. And we came up with two ways to sign up (recognising needs may differ), kept them simple and have made sure both come with a full support package.

We offer lots of support. Businesses signing up to The People’s Pension can use webchat, get help in the sign-up process itself and use our Advanced Search and Knowledgebase ‘ASK’. And if they get stuck, they can pick up the phone and speak to a real person in our UK based, award-winning contact centre, which is now open longer to provide an extra helping hand at sign up.

The People’s Pension is growing, and fast. So how are we maintaining our high standards of service and support?

Lots of smaller businesses are coming our way and this means bigger volumes of work for us. We know this and that’s why we’ll strive to improve the support we offer all our customers.


We’ll continue to streamline our systems so they’re quick and easy to use – businesses sending us employee data may soon be able to automate how they do this. This will result in big time savings for them.


Existing employers have got heaps of resources at their fingertips too – there’s our knowledgebase ‘ASK’ plus lots of quick guides. And if they don’t find what they’re looking for in our resource library, existing employers can speak to someone in our award-winning contact centre.

Our people are our strength

We’re recruiting more people. They’ll help us continue to meet the needs of our customers, whether that’s online or on the phones. In fact, since November last year 68% of the people who’ve joined us have gone into a support role.

We don’t just recruit anyone either – it’s important our people share our values and passion for customer service.

It’s safe to say we know pensions but in the end it comes down to the fact that we care and want to make a difference. In the words of Pension PlayPen’s founder, Henry Tapper, when he announced the results of the recent survey: “The People’s favourite is The People’s Pension”. And that’s good enough for me!


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