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Samantha Wilding
Communications and Public Affairs Manager
Samantha Wilding
01293 766674

B&CE is pleased to announce that Dr Patrick Manu of the University of the West of England (UWE) is the successful recipient of the Occupational Health Research Award 2017. At the time of the award, Dr Patrick Manu was at of the University of the West of England (UWE) and has since moved to Manchester University. The Award is given annually to a private, non-governmental organisation to support occupational health research for the benefit of construction workers. 

Dr Manu will work with the Design for Health Task Group (DfHTG) and a team of academics at Loughborough University (Dr Carolyn Drake & Professor Alistair Gibb), UWE (Dr Abdul-Majeed Mahamadu) and East Carolina University (Professor Michael Behm) to investigate the Design for Health Skills, Knowledge, Attitude, Training and Experience (DfH-SKATE) in the construction industry, using a set of workshops on live projects with delivery teams. The resulting data points will be used to produce project-based case studies which would provide frameworks for understanding, agreeing and evaluating DfH-SKATE requirements.

The project will run from 1st February 2018 to 31st January 2019.

Nicola Sinclair, Charitable Trust Manager, said:

“We are now in our second year of granting this Award.  We are delighted that the funding will be used for such an innovative project, and look forward to reviewing the outcomes.  We wish Dr Manu and the research team all the best as they embark on work that has the potential to make a real difference to both further research and to workers in the construction industry.”

Dr Patrick Manu, Senior Lecturer in Construction Project Management at UWE said:

“On behalf of the research team, I wish to thank B&CE for awarding this funding to enable us to investigate design for health skills, knowledge, attitude, training and experience (DfH-SKATE) requirements. Whilst design for health and occupational health management in construction in general have received limited attention, research-wise and in industry,  this research would shed light and provide much needed guidance on this important subject, particularly in view of the requirements of Regulation 8 of CDM 2015. The research will also be a useful complement to our ongoing EPSRC funded research which investigates design for occupational safety and health organisational capability of firms.”

Elizabeth Bennett, Chair of the Design for Health Task Group (DfHTG) added:

“Working out how to establish the necessary skills, knowledge, attitude, training and experience for each and every project is not easy, especially when we align that to health, which has not been addressed well by industry. This pilot project is an important milestone, enabling us to apply academic rigour to define the first steps needed, and we are delighted to receive this funding from the B&CE Charitable Trust to help us on our way.”



For more information, contact Samantha Wilding, Communications and Public Affairs Manager at B&CE – Construction Services on 01293 766674 or

For further information about the technical detail of the project, please contact Dr Patrick Manu at or Elizabeth Bennett at


Notes to editors

B&CE’s Charitable Trust was set up in 1991 to give back to the community. To date, it has given out over £3 million, providing financial help for people in need.  The Trust aims to provide:

  1. financial help for people in times of need
  2. grants towards education, training and retraining
  3. grants towards occupational health and safety initiatives

The Design for Health Task Group (DfHTG) was established by the Construction Clients Group to consider the challenging area of design and decision making to improve health in construction.  Over the past three years, the Group have been working on a series of interlinked projects, including: guidance for designers on health matters; points for client/designers to consider from the outset of projects regarding health; and top ten think points for designers on health.

Under Regulation 8 of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, a designer (including a principal designer) or contractor (including a principal contractor) appointed to work on a project must have the skills, knowledge and experience, and, if they are an organisation, the organisational capability, necessary to fulfil the role that they are appointed to undertake, in a manner that secures the health and safety of any person affected by the project.

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