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The occupational health surveillance framework for construction

In 2017 we consulted with the construction industry on our proposed occupational health surveillance framework for construction. We’ve collated the feedback and are pleased that the industry is also keen to tackle this issue – they agreed that things need to change.

This video explains how our occupational health surveillance framework will make compliance easier for employers, and our pdf gives a simple overview.

Download our occupational health surveillance framework »

The framework is a rolling 3-year plan which makes it easier for employers to comply with health and safety legislation. It will underpin our new occupational health scheme and enables identification of any required health surveillance so that any ill health effects are detected as early as possible. And it’s based on evidence from the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), research and best practice.

Implementing the framework will enable employers to track and detect work-related changes, such as loss of hearing or indicators of breathing difficulties, over time. This will drive a more consistent approach to health surveillance across the industry.

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