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EasyBuild Pension

Things to note

  • In March 2020, EasyBuild is closing and your pension savings will not be able to stay with EasyBuild after this time
  • Take time to read this information
  • Get in touch if you have any questions – phone us on 0333 230 1369 or email us at

EasyBuild is a closed scheme – it’s the workplace pension we offered before The People’s Pension.

EasyBuild Stakeholder Pension is closing

Since 1 September 2017, no new members could join EasyBuild and no further contributions could be made to EasyBuild. EasyBuild will close in March 2020 and pension savings cannot be kept in EasyBuild after this time.

If you are still a member of EasyBuild, you have 3 options:

1. Take your money

Usually the earliest you can do this is from age 55 onwards and there are different ways to take your money. If you choose this option, you’ll need to let us know by 31 January 2020 by calling us on 0333 230 1369 or emailing us at

2. Transfer to another provider

You can transfer your pension savings to an alternative pension scheme with another provider. You’ll need to tell us if you’d like to take this option by 15 January 2020 by calling us on 0333 230 1369 or emailing us at

3. Transfer to The People’s Pension

You can transfer your pension savings to The People’s Pension. This will happen automatically, unless you choose option 1 or 2.

Find out more about the options available to you


Protecting your interests

The Independent Governance Committee represents the interests of policyholders of the EasyBuild Stakeholder Pension Scheme.

The Independent Governance Committee (IGC) was set up by B&CE Insurance Limited (B&CE) in March 2015 as part of regulatory changes introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The introduction of the IGC provides greater protection for you and is designed to protect your interests as a member of the EasyBuild Stakeholder Pension Scheme (EasyBuild). The IGC has a duty to:

  • act solely in your interests
  • operate independently from B&CE, in accordance with the IGC’s Terms of Reference
  • assess and, where necessary, challenge B&CE on whether EasyBuild provides value for money for you
  • consider whether costs and charges are appropriate for the services provided and improve transparency
  • raise and escalate any concerns to the B&CE Board in the first instance and ultimately to the regulator, the FCA, if the B&CE Board has not responded to IGC’s concerns.


The IGC produces an annual report on its activities and views on EasyBuild: