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EasyBuild Pension

Did you know?

  • Over 30 years in workplace pensions
  • EasyBuild was launched in 2001
  • The experience gained here helped us launch The People's Pension

Designed for the construction industry

The workplace pension we offered before automatic enrolment legislation.

This legislation means employers now or will soon have to offer their employees a workplace pension like The People’s Pension. EasyBuild might however still be suitable as a personal pension, for example for construction freelancers.

EasyBuild benefits

  • Flexible ways to save – across different work schedules and amounts
  • Range of retirement options – including up to 25% of your pension savings as tax-free cash

Why switch to The People's Pension?

If you're offering EasyBuild to your employees at present, it's free to transfer to The People’s Pension. From six months before your automatic enrolment staging date you’ll have the option to switch to The People’s Pension through your Online Services account.

It has a lower 0.5% annual management fee for members and it's easy for you to meet your automatic enrolment duties.

The People's Pension has:

  • been designed for automatic enrolment, whereas EasyBuild isn’t an automatic enrolment compliant scheme
  • an annual management charge that’s lower than EasyBuild’s
  • a wider choice of investment options to choose from.

Comparison of B&CE pension features .pdf

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Your Online Account

Your Online Account makes it easy to keep track of how your pension savings are doing and to make changes to your account.

How to set up your Online Account

It’s quick and easy and you only need to do this once.

Watch: How to set up your Online Account – 90 seconds:

Or follow these four simple steps:

Step 1:

Go to

Step 2:

Click on ‘Set Up Online Account’

Step 3:

Enter your details. You’ll need:

  • your National Insurance number – you’ll find this on your payslip
  • your customer number – this is on your annual statements
  • your personal email address and mobile number.

Once you’ve entered all your details, click ‘Next’ and we’ll send you an activation email, so you can verify your details are correct. The email should arrive immediately.

Step 4:

Click on the link in the email to complete the final step.

We keep your details safe and secure.

We’ll ask you to set up your password and memorable word. You’ll need these every time you log on.

Keep this information as safe as you would your online banking details. We will never ask you for this information over the phone.

You’re all set up! Explore your Online Account today – here’s a reminder of what you can do:

Tell us who your beneficiaries are

…so they can receive your pension savings if you die before you retire.

Combine your pension pots

By combining your savings into one single pot it may save you money on fees and charges, as well as helping you with your retirement planning.

Choose how to invest your pension pot

You can manage how your pension savings are invested by self-selecting from a choice of funds.

Review and change your selected retirement age

We’ll send you the right information nearer the time to help with your retirement planning based on the age you intend to access your pension savings.

Update your personal contact details

It’s important to keep your contact details up to date, including your personal email address, mobile number and date of birth.

View your annual pension statement

We’ll send you an email each year when it’s ready to view.

Your personal details

Important: Changing your selected retirement age or your date of birth could affect where your pension savings are invested. For example, if you decide to delay when you take your pension savings, they will be moved further back on the glidepath and into higher risk funds.

We will not pass or sell your personal details on to any other company.

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Protecting your interests

The Independent Governance Committee represents the interests of policyholders of EasyBuild Stakeholder Pension Scheme.

The Independent Governance Committee (IGC) was set up by B&CE Insurance Limited (B&CE) in March 2015 as part of regulatory changes introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The introduction of the IGC provides greater protection for you and is designed to protect your interests as a member of the EasyBuild Stakeholder Pension Scheme (the Scheme). The IGC has a duty to:

  • act solely in your interests
  • operate independently from B&CE, in accordance with the IGC’s Terms of Reference
  • assess and, where necessary, challenge B&CE on whether the Scheme provides value for money for you
  • consider whether costs and charges are appropriate for the services provided and improve transparency
  • raise and escalate any concerns to the B&CE Board in the first instance and ultimately to the regulator, the FCA, if the B&CE Board has not responded to IGC’s concerns.

The IGC has produced its second annual report on its activities and views on the Scheme.

When looking at value for money, the IGC considered the following during 2016/17:

  • the feasibility of transferring the EasyBuild membership to The People’s Pension
  • the review of the default investment strategy
  • engagement with members
  • analysis of the core scheme transactions
  • the operation of B&CE’s administrative systems.