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Last year saw the launch of the B&CE Charitable Trust Mowlem Award – a scholarship given to an organisation that demonstrates achievements in training and the promotion of health and safety in the construction industry. 

B&CE is now offering the opportunity for new applications to bid for this year’s award.

  • We are looking for applicants involved in training which have made a significant difference to the construction industry in the UK and Northern Ireland.
  • They need to have helped 50 or more individuals in the last 12 months, encouraging diversity within the construction industry along the way.

B&CE’s Charitable Trust is the charity that gives back to construction. The trust achieves this by providing grants towards education, training and retraining for employees, past and present, alongside young people looking to start a career into construction.

Together with the RI Beck Trust, B&CE’s Charitable Trust recognises achievements in training or promoting health and safety in the industry by giving the Mowlem Award to organisations demonstrating these values. This is a unique opportunity to recognise those who have made a significant contribution to the construction industry.

The Mowlem Award furthers the work of the now ceased RI Beck Trust – a charity set up in 1983 by the construction company, Mowlem. The RI Beck Trust was pleased to extend its scope and join with B&CE’s Charitable Trust so its shared aims and objectives could be continued through the award.

The first Mowlem award was presented in 2015 to Shekinah Mission, an organisation new to the Trust. Read their case study here.

To see just how the award benefited the Shekinah Mission you can watch our latest video to see some of the great work the Charitable Trust has achieved.

How to apply

Prospective applicants should explain in 1,000 words or less how your organisation would use the £20,000, with a clear focus on construction training and health and safety.

Submissions must reach us by 2 May 2016.

Submission should be sent as a Word document along with any supporting visuals or graphs to (maximum attachment size of 5MB).

Eligibility criteria for the Mowlem Award:

  • The organisation must be a (private – non-government) training organisation or company involved in training which has made a significant difference to the construction industry.
  • The organisation can be in any area of the UK and Northern Ireland.
  • The training to have helped or be helping at least 50 individuals within the calendar year with the encouragement of diversity within the construction industry.
  • The training must include recognised construction industry accreditations.
  • The training must be linked to an employer or placement.
  • In order to receive this award, the organisation must agree to maintain an ongoing relationship with the Trust giving regular updates on their work and the use of the monies for at least the year the funding is given.