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Grants for health & safety initiatives and research

Working towards a safer construction industry for all

Health and safety, including occupational health, is an ongoing priority for the construction industry. Find out about our awards and partnership opportunities.

Mowlem Award

Our Mowlem Award is given on an annual basis. The £20,000 award is given to organisations that demonstrate achievements in training or promotion of health and safety in construction.

It furthers the work of the RI Beck Trust – a charity set up in 1983 by the construction company, Mowlem. The RI Beck Trust was pleased to extend its scope and join with B&CE’s Charitable Trust to support their shared aims and objectives.

“This £20,000 grant will mean we can help 100 young people gain a qualification to get into construction.”

Essex Youthbuild – 2019 Mowlem Award winners

Occupational Health Research Award

Applications for the 2019/20 Occupational Health Research Award are now closed.

Our Occupational Health Research Award of £25,000 is given annually. This is awarded to a UK research institution in support of occupational health research that focuses on occupational health for construction workers.

The University of Lincoln won our 2019/20 Occupational Health Research Award to fund research into occupational health stress in the UK’s construction industry…

“Several empirical studies have identified work-related stress as one of the root causes of unsafe behaviours in construction. Other major social problems such as high absenteeism, alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide have also become increasingly reported as consequent to occupational stress in construction. This is a timely study given that the UK regulations for managing occupational health have not been updated for many years in response to the rapid changes in the way we procure, design and deliver construction projects. “

Dr Saad Sarhan, Senior Lecturer in Construction Management at University of Lincoln, 2019/20 Occupational Health Research Award winners

Supporting industry health through partnerships

The Trust works in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders, including trade unions and construction federations. We have also supported organisations including Mesothelioma UK, London Hazards Centre, National Federation of Builders, West Midlands Hazards Trust and Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team.

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