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Help for education & training

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Work in construction?
In times of financial hardship?

The B&CE Charitable Trust is here to help

Supporting personal development within construction

Education and training can help build a strong future for the UK’s construction industry and for the people who make it work.


The Trust helps individuals who have been long-term unemployed, gain the entry level qualifications needed to get back to work in the construction industry.

If you’re forced to take a fresh look at your construction skills after occupational health issues such as an illness or injury, the Trust can help by contributing to the cost of your retraining and helping you gain industry accreditation.

An eligible person is anyone who is able to prove that they have had a minimum of 12 months construction employment as a 'tradesperson' (at any time within their employment history). For our training grants, you must have been unemployed for at least three months and be able to prove this before we can consider your application.

"Thanks to you and the Trustees for the grant for training. This training will change my life, as I can continue with my career in construction rather than having to change altogether. After the accident I had at work, I really thought that was it for me, but now I can put my experience of over 30 years to good use. Once again thank you so much for helping me to stay in construction." Training grant recipient


If you work within or run an organisation that helps individuals enter the construction industry, your organisation may be eligible for support from the Trust.

"The award has provided funding for 20 women to gain work experience on a construction project, and the mentoring and support necessary to enable them to progress into employment. This allows women who would not otherwise have had the opportunity to gain access to training and employment in the construction industry." Kath Moore, Managing Director, Women into Construction (Charitable Trust Mowlem award winner 2016)

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