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Help for education & training

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Work in construction?
In times of financial hardship?

The B&CE Charitable Trust is here to help

Supporting personal development within construction

Education and training can help build a strong future for the UK’s construction industry and for the people who make it work.


If you’re forced to take a fresh look at your skills after occupational health issues such as, an illness or an injury, the Trust can help by contributing to the cost of your retraining and helping you gain industry accreditation.

The Trust also helps individuals who have been long-term unemployed, gain the entry level qualifications needed to work in the construction industry. 

An eligible person is anyone who is able to prove that they have had a minimum of 12 months construction employment as a 'tradesperson' (at any time within their employment history). For our training grants, you must have been unemployed for at least three months and be able to prove this before we can consider your application.


If you work within or run an organisation that helps individuals coming into the construction industry, you may be eligible for support from the Trust.

With the generous help of the B&CE Charitable Trust we are continuing with our commitment to training the next generation of craftspeople through our Building Crafts Apprentice Programme, and we’re grateful for their support.

Edith Platten, Director of Skills, The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community

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