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Simply meeting people’s financial needs

Employee Accident and Life Cover

Did you know?

  • Friendly customer service – we put members first
  • Low weekly cost
  • Endorsed by the Construction Industry Joint Council (CIJC)

Financial protection for employees and their families

For construction employers who’d like to offer reassurance with Employee Accident and Life Cover (EAC/ELC).

Why provide Employee Accident and Life Cover?

Providing Accident Cover shows you value your employees – if accidents happen they’ll be taken care of financially. And Life Cover is an affordable benefit that’s reassuring to your employees. Knowing their loved ones will be taken care of financially is a great support.

Our low cost cover applies to anyone 16 and above and is really simple to use. And as a not-for-profit company, we try to find reasons to pay claims rather than reject them.

Construction employers can download an application form here. For more information email us or give us a call on 01293 586666.

Cover benefits:

  • Low weekly combined cost – £1.49 for an employee with standard life cover, £2.62 for double and £3.75 for triple
  • Large payments – up to £30,000 for accidents, up to £240,000 for life cover
  • Broad life cover – accidental deaths, suicide, death in incapacity or following redundancy
  • Covers a range of accidents – at work or on the way to or from work
  • Simple setup – with day one cover, straightforward application and no underwriting
  • Easy to claim – quick turnarounds, no underwriting and a UK call centre

What injuries are covered? »

Life Cover and costs » 

What injuries qualify for payments?

How much we pay depends on the kind of injury.

Qualifying injury


Loss of sight in both eyes £30,000
Loss of sight in one eye £12,000
Loss of hearing in one ear £3,600
Loss of hearing in both ears £12,000
Loss of hand or foot £30,000
Loss of arm or leg £30,000
Loss of big toe £1,600
Loss of any other toe £700
Loss of thumb £4,800
Loss of index finger £4,800
Loss of any other finger £1,000
Total disablement – payment varies depending on whether temporary or permanent  £3,000 – £15,000 less any payment previously made in respect of the total disablement

How to claim

Please get in touch with us as soon as you can.

Contact us to claim »

What do we pay in Life Cover?

You can get employee accident and life cover for your company at a low cost.

While accidents are covered as standard, there are three levels of life cover to choose from. The costs quoted below are for the combined cost of Employee Life Cover and Employee Accident Cover.

Life Cover levels (from January 2019 onwards)

Life cover

Benefit rate if member dies*

Benefit rate if member dies as a result of an accident at work*

Weekly cost per employee

Monthly cost per employee

Standard £40,000 £80,000 £1.49 £6.46
Double £80,000 £160,000 £2.62 £11.35
Triple £120,000 £240,000 £3.75 £16.24

*Except for the case of ill health or unemployment where the payment is determined by the period of absence. Please see ‘Absence Taper’ on page 4 of the ‘Employee Life Cover rules’.

How to claim life cover if a member dies

Please get in touch within a year of a member’s death. We handle all claims quickly, carefully and sensitively. If all is in order, we’ll then pay the lump sum life cover to the member’s beneficiaries (at the Trustee’s discretion).

We may require medical evidence if death is preceded by incapacity. And there’s no upper age limit for employees, except for death in incapacity or unemployment cover.

Contact us to claim »

Case study

Company: Allied Infrastructure Management Ltd
Name: Kate Halliday, Commercial Director

Why did you choose B&CE’s Employee Accident Cover and Employee Life Cover (EAC/ELC)?

“Their [B&CE’s] history of working with the construction industry was an advantage as we also had to comply with the CIJC working rule agreement [which B&CE is in conjunction with]. The fact that B&CE is a not-for-profit organisation was a factor in choosing B&CE as it gave me confidence that they’re working for the benefit of their members, not shareholders.

What I like about B&CE’s EAC/ELC is that it is good value for money, relatively easy and varied enough for most of our staff, and it’s nice to offer different levels of cover to the workforce. It also adds security for our staff which we can rely on.”

How have you found working with B&CE?

“The application process was very easy. Our contact made it an absolute joy, gave me advice on the process and took it out of my hands.

I think operating the accident and life cover is simple enough and almost admin-free.

I’ve called a handful of times and each time the support has been amazing – absolutely fantastic. My queries were answered in a timely manner.

We had to make a claim shortly after opening the account with B&CE and I was blown away by how our contact handled the claim – it was amazing and very quick. She walked me through the claim step-by-step.

If I could describe B&CE’s EAC/ELC in three words, those would be: professional, easy and sympathetic.”

Would you recommend B&CE in the future?

“Yes I would recommend B&CE’s EAC/ELC to other companies. The type of cover gives staff confidence and security and they would see it as a benefit of working for that company, as well as giving staff access to the cover’s features quickly. If an employee needs to make a claim, it gives directors peace of mind that they’ve made the right decision of taking out accident and life cover with B&CE.”